Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Hack was disappointed at the level of motivation among this society's counterculture."

Jennifer Government by Max Barry. I think this book would make a very good action movie. It's about a future where corporations have become so powerful that you identify yourself based on where you work (your company's name becomes your last name). The US no longer has taxes, which means that the government has to get funding before it can pursue criminals. Similarly, the police and emergency services only work if you can pay for them. And the frequent flier mile thing has gotten way out of hand.

The Nike Corporation has a great marketing idea: if we kill some people who buy our shoes, it will look like they're in huge demand and we'll sell more of them. So they do.

Jennifer Government is trying to arrest the person in charge of the plan; Buy Mitsui was inadvertently responsible for the death of a girl buying shoes; Hack Nike subcontracted out the killings; and Billy NRA just wants to go skiing. I think I liked Company better, but this was a good read.

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