Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Can't Come Up With Anything Witty to Say About Cars

Alas, not a lot of reading over the long weekend.

We bought a car instead. Our old car was apparently going to blow up at any time. It had a bunch of leaks and some of them were serious. It sounded like it was going to cost more to fix it than the car was actually worth. So...

It's a Toyota Prius (a hybrid!).

The color is silver pine mica (as in the picture above) and it has a "bisque" interior. It has all sorts of crazy cool features, which I have been boring my friends by describing. I can just keep my key in my purse the whole time -- it can sense that it's in the car and that's all you need. Plus it has a camera that shows you what's happening behind you while you're in reverse. And, of course, it gets such good gas mileage.

I just need to adjust where my feet go a bit, but I drove it to school today and it seemed really good.

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