Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Does God love lizards better than he loves philosphers?"

Changing Planes by Ursula K. Le Guin

Again, I love her. As I said earlier, one of her greatest strengths is coming up with interesting civilizations. And that's exactly what this book is: a sort of travelogue to various planes of existence. You do have to think of it that way, because there's no character development as such. The essays aren't really related to each other.

She has so many great ideas. I guess I am mainly attracted to those about gender and language. She deals with those here, as well as lots of other topics. So, so good.

She is wickedly funny and a lot of the stories are satires on various aspects of our world. Some of the stories are a little heavy-handed, but I didn't mind -- maybe because we are clearly simpatico on the values front.

I think I am going to go off and get some more of her books. I'm not a fan of everything she's written (shh -- don't tell, but I didn't much care for the Earthsea stuff), but some of this more recent stuff is really working for me.

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