Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just Don't Feed Them To Your Dog

I am a sucker for cool plates, and these are particularly nice. They are melamine, so they would be great for picnics. They are by Pop Ink and available at Loft Party. They are also available from Elsewares, which also has lots of other really cool stuff -- you should really look around their site.

Looking at these reminded me of some other neat plates that are inspired by wallpaper. Of course, Anthropologie has loads of them: most obviously the "wallpaper salad plates." I saw a few others in the stores that don't seem to be up on their website yet, as well as some toile plates.

I also found these Parisian Wallpaper Damask plates (while attempting to find the original plates for less than $40 a set -- no luck.)

Somehow I've been very attracted to these more complicated patterns recently. Generally I like simplicity, but these intricate floral/damask patterns are really lovely.