Friday, June 1, 2007

Lovely Lanterns, All In a Row

You may recall my earlier photo of the yellow lanterns from Oh Happy Day. Since then I've been noticing lots of great uses of lanterns. I like the effect of having them all grouped together.

Here, from Martha Stewart Weddings:

This from M. Writes. How clever to have the tags hanging from each lamp to identify the tables.

An outdoor party, whose origins I have lost. I've been looking frantically on the interweb and I can't seem to figure out where I found it -- when I run into it again, I'll update this. If it's yours, I'm sorry not to give you credit. Love the variety of sizes and heights. What a magical dinner.

I also like it when they hang low; we have one in our living room that is only maybe a foot above the back of an armchair. I've seen them almost at ground level, and that can look really neat, especially several grouped together. More like a little art display.

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