Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why Pay Less?

I am a sucker for expensive recreations of cheap dishware. Let me share a few favorites:

From CB2 (hence actually relatively cheap), a glass version of a plastic cup.
Rob Brandt's cup -- a ceramic version of a plastic cup (extra points because it's pre-crinkled). Available at Thorsten Van Elten; I got mine at the Conran Shop in NYC. I loved this ever since seeing it in a UK design magazine and I made a special trip to get one when we were visiting New York. I've since seen knock-offs at Sur La Table -- sigh.
There is also the classic redo of the Greek Coffee cup, available at Velocity Art and Design.
Somehow I don't love this one quite as much, but it's still cool.

And, of course, these great recreations of aluminum take-out containers redone in porcelain.
I haven't been able to convince my husband we need these yet. Also available in more subdued colors.

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