Friday, September 21, 2007

Turquoise: More Than the Poor Man's Blue Zircon

Okay, so arguably some (maybe most) of these are more blue than turquoise. I'm still inspired by these pictures -- they are a nice antidote to the cloudy skies today. And I thought the title was funny.

A salt pig-cum-egg from Nigella Lawson (she also has lovely egg-shaped mixing bowls that match).
From Martha Stewart Weddings, a darling nest favor:A hint of blue from a Carolyn Quartermaine chair:
Stunning radiator photo by Chris Everard (represented by Sarah Kaye):This photo is intended to show Molo's paper stool, but I like the accessories. Cupcake boxes, a bird cage and mushrooms. They are from Rose and Radish (as is this picture).
Finally, a repainted chandelier, via Coookie magazine.

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