Friday, May 16, 2008


I've been quite keen on yellow recently (indeed, you can see some yellow in my etsy favorites over there on the right). And by "recently," I mean the last few months, because I've been planning to post some of these pictures for at least that long.

I've been most drawn most to rich, almost orangy yellows. Allow me to share some lovely yellow pictures with you. I hesitate slightly, since I want to own some of them -- but that's just what a generous person I am....

Painting by MincingMockingbird (whose shop you should check out for the titles of the pictures alone). I wish I'd managed to snag the original of this print:Photograph by ScarletBeautiful2:
Pencil cup from Shim + Sons:From the florist Wild at Heart:
This pictures was taken by Chris Everard:
Print by Anna Cote:
In fact, I just bought these prints from the Shiny Squirrel (you might recall that I mentioned the show by Lisa Solomon & Aurora Robson before -- I couldn't swing the originals, but these are lovely).

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