Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One Can Only Refresh the NYT Page So Often

I am in love with this chair.

After doing a little research (i.e., pulling out my old issue of LivingEtc to see who made it), I realized that this is far from the first time that I'd decided I loved this chair. Oh Happy Day wrote about it and so did Design*Sponge. Plus it showed up in an issue of Domino at some point. At least I'm consistent, right?

The non-arm chair version has been floating around, too. I also am a pretty big fan of that one. designer's library has some other great photos of both of them. In fact, it may be better, in some ways. It, too, has the great little socks/feet.

And, while I love the arms in this picture -- they remind me of a dancer -- in some other pictures they look a bit less cool. And, really, if you're going to pay over a thousand dollars for a wooden chair with arms, shouldn't you go for the Cherner? Although it is just a bit more over the top...But I don't think I could bring myself to paint one of these and give it little socks. So maybe I'll go back to my plan of adapting a much cheaper chair by painting it...

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