Sunday, October 12, 2014

Peet's Arts and Crafts Press Mugs by Yoshiko Yamamoto

It's been ages since I posted and, no, I'm not really planning to start again.

But I've been collecting these mugs and it's really difficult to find a clear list of what designs exist.  So I thought I'd do people a small service and try to make one.  These are all the ones that I know of.  I will update if/when I find any more.

All descriptions give links to the images, where possible (mine are in storage, so I can't take pictures of them).

Persimmon  --- this is the artist's main site
Oak and Acorn
Japanese Maple
Sycamore (I think officially called Autumn Leaf)

Japanese Lantern
 Morning Glory

 Eucalyptus (says G. Frey Studio on bottom, rather than Arts & Crafts Press but still Peet's)
Wild Grape

Tea Bush
Coffee Tree
Pinecone (which I've also seen with gold leaf)

In the interest of completeness, there are also two kids' mugs, which have a different shape but are by the same artist.  Bunny & Goldfish


Rohirrimborn said...

Hello, I have fourteen different designs, the same as on your list. What isn't shown are the underplates (or saucers). They are much harder to find. I have about five of the saucers. Thanks for posting this list.

becnc said...

I have quite a few pieces of Yoshiko Yamamoto's artwork in our home and have been trying to put together a collection of these mugs for the past year and a half -- We live in NC, and do not have Peet's here, so I didn't even know about them until then. It was helpful to find a list of what I am missing. I've spent a small fortune so far, I'm afraid. I have never seen or heard of underplates/saucers for these! I would love to see a picture of them. Did each mug originally come with one? My husband would probably kill me if I started trying to collect those on ebay! Thank you so much for posting!

Brendon W said...

Wow, under plates? Post a pic? Also, I am missing the grapes and the Tea... If anyone's looking to sell. Also, my pine cone is metallic? Weird

Brendon W said...

Would you consider posting a pic? How did you find them?

Rohirrimborn said...

Here's a pic of the three plates I have right now. I bought them years ago at a Peet's in Washington DC.

Brendon W said...

I don't know if I'm upset or excited that these exist!!! :). Thanks for sharing... If you're looking to sell them, left me know.

becky coffelt said...
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becky coffelt said...

Thank you so much for sharing the link to the photo of the underplates -- I am in serious trouble knowing these exist, though! It took me a good year and a half to collect all of the mugs, mostly on eBay. I have both the green pinecone and the gold pinecone, which I think they did as a holiday version of the original one. It's difficult to find a gold one in decent shape, though, because so many people made the mistake of putting them in the microwave. The last one I finally was able to get was the cattail mug, but I think the grape vine and the coffee tree are the most difficult to come by.