Friday, January 5, 2007

Idaho Spuds, Japan & Julia

To keep track of the books I've read since Christmas -- I'd like to actually keep track of all the books that I read this year. We'll see how that works out.

Steve Almond: Candyfreak:A Journey Through the Chocolate Underbelly of America

This was a really good look at, well, candy and how it influences people. A look at the smaller businesses trying to make a sucessful product. Recommended by a friend.

Sujata Massey:

The Salaryman's Wife
Zen Attitute (still to read)
The Flower Master
The Bride's Kimono
The Floating Girl
The Samurai's Daughter
The Pearl Diver
Typhoon Lover (still to read)
Girl in a Box

These are good, but nothing really special in terms of literature. About an American woman who deals in Japanese antiques ... and with her cultural heritage. Very fun and I like being reminded of Japan. I don't normally read "novels of suspense" but I've enjoyed these. Too bad I ended up reading them completely out of order.

Julie Powell: Julie & Julia

Eh. I think I would have liked her blog about the cooking more than the book. It was entertaining for a plane ride, though. And has some very good quotes thatI should really remember to write down. Also, the cover is charming:

Scott McCloud: Making Comics

We got this for my brother-in-law, who's interested in comics. I've also read his other books, Understanding Comics & Reinventing Comics. They are all good.

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