Friday, January 26, 2007

Cosy cups

Via Design*Sponge, these tea cosies by Ruth Cross. Aren't they lovely? I saw something similar recently (alas, I can't remember where) and was about ready to make my own. Maybe I will. Teapot cosies are fairly common, but I love the idea of ones for teacups. I've seen one for Starbucks cups (at Magknits), but something about doing it for porcelain cups really appeals to me. The teapot cosy reminds me of a shell.

While looking for other images of knitted cosies, I stumbled upon this site. It's a science club, based on the magazine Helix. They have an experiment to show how cell osmosis works; it involves potatoes. I adore this illustration. Plus, it's cool to see the difference between dead cells and those that are still living (also, of course a raw potato is still alive, but I'd never really thought of it that way).

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marilyn said...

I love these! Do you have a pattern?