Sunday, January 7, 2007

Holiday, pt. one

This is the first holiday that I've hosted in my apartment for my family, so I was excited.

• I made some fruitcake. I loves me some fruitcake! I subscribe to the idea (from Joy of Cooking) that the cake is just an excuse to hold the fruits together -- dried fruit, yum. I don't use alcohol, but I did get some really nice candied fruits from Surfas, a restaurant supply store in LA. Cherries, citron & pineapple. Then I also used regular dried cherries, raisins, dates & golden raisins. I glazed it with Lyle's Golden Syrup, which is just delicious.

• I made A few trees, inspired by Little Birds.

I went to F&S Fabrics, which is an immense fabric store (it takes up 3 separate buildings). They have a big box of fabric scraps for 25¢ a piece. I thought the green, red & gold was quite lovely. They are slightly wobbly -- I probably overstuffed them a tad.

• I arranged some "California Holly" in my Martha Stewart glasses:

• I made these for my parents a few years ago:

They are based on a set of cups that they have which feature (surprise!) either a snowman, stocking, tree or reindeer. I embroidered them onto restaurant napkins, also from Surfas.

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