Thursday, February 1, 2007


We had dinner recently with some friends. My husband and I frequently get together with them to cook, but this time they did all the work. (Well, I got to help chop, but that was mainly to allow me to try out their new knives. Which I now sort of want.)

It was delicious. There was a cauliflower puree that was then steamed into a loaf (see below). That was followed by this beautiful soup with shitake, dandelion greens, sweet potato and 3 types of carrot. I really liked it, although everyone else seemed to think the greens were a bit strong. We also had a lovely steamed, gingery rice & a dish of Japanese yams cooked with kombu (I didn't take a picture -- I was too distracted by food at that point -- but it might have been my favorite of the dishes).

All this was followed by an amazing dessert: lemon-yogurt cake that was drenched in lemony syrup, put into ramekins, topped with dates and then baked. It was topped with yogurt and these dried berries that I'd never heard of before (um, they were pink and Middle Eastern).

Interspersed with all this was a soda-tasting extravaganza. We had Cricket Cola (like adding green tea powder to Diet Coke -- um, no. We threw some of it out), a Tarragon soda (okay, but didn't really taste much like tarragon. If you'd told me it was a different flavor entirely, I might have believed you), Apple Beer (yes, please), a coffee soda (eh.) and Boot Reer (get it? Heh. But it was good).

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Marilyn said...

How long did this meal take to prepare? Was it Ti (sp?) and Sara? It really looks beautfiul.