Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm Too Sexy For...

I've been frittering away my time watching episodes of Project Catwalk on YouTube.

It's quite good. I really did like Project Runway on Bravo; this is the UK version. Just like the original, people design a dress/outfit each week and then the final three get to show a full collection at fashion week.

The people on the British version seem very nice and full of integrity. I do like quite a lot of their designs. (You may also note a bit of a vocab change: I love British accents and phrases & I seem to unconsciously adopt them after I listen to them for a bit. Hope that doesn't throw a spanner in the works...)

I find the show very inspirational: it's amazing what these people can do in the amount of time they have. Similarly, I like Bravo's Top Chef (maybe better, actually, because I imagine that I really could cook a lot of those things, whereas there's no way I have the sewing skills). Maybe I'll actually start stitching up that fabric I got...

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