Monday, February 12, 2007


Isn't this picture great? It is mint tea. It was intended to be tea with mint, but this is just the steeped mint. I like beverages in clear glasses, especially hot ones. (Glass teacups make me think of this short story I read once where a man has a woman over for dinner and serves her fresh strawberries in glass teacups. I have wanted some ever since. But unfortunately for me, I'm quite picky about the shape, so I don't have any.)

Last week the husband & I went with some friends to a Yemenite restaurant: Magic Carpet. They have really excellent food there -- we normally get the melawach. Here is a pictures of the dessert version -- it has walnuts and honey. Normally they are savory, but this was quite good. The falafel is also wonderful. Last time we also got the foul -- it has egg and hummus. Yum.

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