Friday, April 6, 2007

Orange You Glad to Be Green?

Today I went to IKEA, as I am occasionally wont to do, and I wanted to share this great discovery with you. In their special summer section, they have these canvas bags, which come in four shades: blue, green, orange or brown. Remember those bags everyone had in the '80s (at least, if you were a middle school girl, like me)? These are like that, only better.

I got green (naturally), but this photo of the orange one shows both of the prints; it is fully lined. It should be really sturdy. There are also pockets inside and a piece of fabric that goes across the top to help keep it closed (via snaps).

I think this will be wonderful to take to the farmer's market: you can easily fit a week's worth of veggies in it. It fits the shoulder well, too -- even though the bag is huge, the straps are well-proportioned. Only $10! I almost wonder if I should have gotten two, but the husband restrained me.

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