Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ice Cream -- and Scurvy!

Sunday, the husband and I traveled into the Mission District. We wanted to go to the usual suspects: Borderlands Books (a very nice SF store, where I spent the bulk of my time), 826 Valencia (the Pirate Store!), the extremely cool store next to 826 Valencia whose name I can't remember, and Aquarius Records (which I did not, technically, visit)...
New to me was Bi-Rite Creamery, located just down the street from the park. It has a more of an ice milk feel to it. Very clean flavors. I had roasted banana & salted caramel (you can get two flavors in "one" scoop). Amazingly good. It reminded me of Scoops in LA -- which we visited during the recent birthday visit. They both have really interesting flavors (I particularly liked Scoops' brown bread, which makes use of Grape Nuts surprisingly well). Different from gelato, but with an intensity and purity to the flavor that remind me of gelato. Bi-Rite seemed a bit fancier than Scoops and also had some very intriguing sundaes (ginger and mixed berry with ginger snaps? yes, please).

eta: Paxton Gate. That's the cool store next to 826 Valencia.

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