Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Morgan: This is for you.

Square One! I loved this show. If only they would release it on DVD -- I would be there. They have heaps of them on YouTube: mathman and mathnet and ones I'd forgotten. My sister and I still sometimes sing this one.

Oh, I can't resist the Roman numerals ("i times, I kissed you lightly; ii arms...").


wendy said...

One of my favorite profs here was a consultant for Square One back in the day. She worked on Voyage of the Mimi, too. Did you ever watch that?

The Square One song that still gets stuck in my brain is "nine, nine, nine, fantastic number nine.."

Scrubber said...

I haven't seen Voyage of the Mimi -- but I've read about it in the Teaching with Problems book you recommended. Sounds interesting.

Hard to think you can beat Square One, though...

"8% of my love -- eight hundredths of the time, you're the only girl I'm dreaming of...."

Morgan said...

omg - This made my day!!!'

Love you sista!!!