Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Newness of Oldness

I've been quite into antiques lately. Or: things that look older. Maybe I've been reading too many old Martha Stewart Livings. There has been a big shift in my aesthetics, although I'm still basically a fan of clean lines.

First, I was very interested in antique linens. I was going to get a nice linen tablecloth for Thanksgiving, but that was before I realized how expensive they can be. So I didn't. Still, aren't they lovely? These are actually new, from the Linen House (even more out of my price range). There are some amazing European linens out there -- and I guess they last a really long time. I also found this great thing at Napa Style: vintage silverware by the pound. Sure, you can do the same thing yourself using ebay, but this might actually be cheaper if you want a really eclectic mix (it's not as easy to find mixed lots of silverware as I expected; and silverware tends to be pricey to ship). Or you could go to a flea market... I'm tempted. I love the little leaves and flowers on that fork. I also found, via casapikina, this wonderful old trophy. This one is obviously full, but it made me think of planting moss in one. Or perhaps in an old sugar bowl. I've been on the lookout for a good one ever since.I have a wonderful picture that would be similar to what I'm planning, from MSL December 2003, but somehow I can't manage to scan it in -- nor can I find it on her site. It has little antique bowls filled with moss, nestled under cloches. Plus there are some miniature silvered glass deer. I couldn't find an image of those (they were quite tiny and delicate), but these mushrooms might work in a pinch:

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