Friday, December 28, 2007

A Slightly Crafty Christmas

Here is the main Christmas decoration that I did, on the mantel. It's a mix of pine boughs (free for the taking at a lot of tree places) and antique ornaments that I bought at the flea market this summer. I was quite happy with it.

A little auxiliary display that I made in our dining room.

My Scrubber slaving away over the hot pizzelle press, making cookies.

The final result, stacked in the kitchen. Vanilla and chocolate. Yum.

My parents' Christmas tree. Having the Peace on Earth sign in the tree is new this year; I think it looks great. They also got a really neat pine tree this year, a variety from Korea. You can also see the cranberries stung along the windows.

A cashmere neckwrap that I knit for my sister. It was inspired by a version that she saw in Lucky magazine, although it doesn't resemble it that much.

A diorama that I made for my mom using (mostly) vintage sewing supplies.

My in-laws' Christmas tree, surrounded by presents. They reuse the boxes wrapped in lovely paper every year. The lids and bottoms are wrapped separately. I think it's a great idea -- as long as you have room to store them.

Snow outside the window; it's a White Christmas in Seattle.

I also made my brother-in-law a present, but it will take a bit of time to upload those photos, so I'll save it for later.

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Mom said...

This was great fun to see! I loved your mantel and wanted to let you know...

We miss you both.