Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heath Ceramics. Plus: Trees!

Last weekend, we went to Muir Woods. It was quite busy, but the redwoods are always lovely and relatively peaceful.
On the way we stopped by Sausalito is see Heath Ceramics. They give factory tours on the weekend and they also have a seconds/thirds store.

We got a couple lovely bowls. I have taken these pictures from their website, but these are the glazes they have. Plus a plate which was only $1 -- because it has a little crack in the center. I actually think it looks quite charming.
The other amazing thing they have is a tile seconds area. $5 per square foot -- which is a great deal. We have nothing to tile, but I couldn't resist getting a few tiles. A couple for inspiration and a few to make trivets with. The variation within the tiles is great, as you can see from this picture.
The color palettes are wonderful, too. I will definitely be returning. If I can.

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