Friday, February 15, 2008

Stones & Felt

How wonderful are these felted pebbles? I know these have been hanging out in my sidebar for awhile (because every time she updates I end up adding a different version to my favorites list), but I thought they also deserved a mention.

They are from the etsy store of reyaveltman. Until I saw these, I was unaware that I needed felted pebbles, but now that this deficiency has been brought to light, I feel that I must get some.
These are festive, although I prefer the grey and/or brownish versions myself. The photo styling is really well done, though, isn't it?
Also inspired by stones and felt are these heart sachets by etsy seller Mogwaii. I quite like their looks, but -- alas -- they are filled with lavender, which I do not like very much at all.

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