Thursday, January 8, 2009

Very Belated Thanksgiving

One of my friends mentioned my blog (Hi, Tony) and I realized that I haven't updated it in, roughly, forever.

And I meant to, because David & I did some cool things this Thanksgiving. Our friends hosted a big party and we volunteered to do cranberry sauce, pecan pie, soup & bread. Because everyone loves David's bread. Plus my family always makes potato bread on Thanksgiving, and there's no way I'm not having that.

But, we asked ourselves: is making all that really enough work? Naturally not, so we decided to make everyone individual little soup bowls out of squash. I don't mind saying that it was my idea. We par-baked them and then scooped out all the guts. Here they are waiting to be filled:
Also: David made the best soup to go in them. It was pumpkin/white bean, with a lot of slow-cooked onion. All blended together to make a fluffy wonderfulness. Topped with fried sage and walnuts in butter.

The rest of the meal, mostly made by Betsy, was also exquisite.

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