Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mr. Paint Pig

(Part One of how my dad saved the day with paint.)

So, it was decided that we needed a dresser. After much consideration, we found one at Urban Ore. It was a bit messed up, but we were okay with that. The overall shape was pretty. And it was only $30.

Here is a picture of it after I braced the bottom and we re-glued the leg (top left) -- it was in about 4 pieces. In the end we braced it, too. Since it was a back leg, it's not very noticeable.
The plan was to paint it a cream color, Brushed Cotton by American Pride, which we purchased at Ecohome. My husband lightly sanded the dresser and then I primed it and painted it. And painted it. And painted it. Because the paint just didn't seem to be covering everything. The red color kept seeping through.

Here it is after 3 coats (plus primer!). See how you can see pink on the drawer front? The sides were even worse.

I got a bit frustrated. The dresser was taking quite a few more days than I expected. Luckily, my dad took over for me. We ended up just painting it again with Killz (and it still took two coats of that, some places). Then we put on another coat of the paint. And by we, I mean my dad (thanks, scrubber!).

In the end, though, I think it looks good. It was missing one knob, so we replaced the top four with glass ones from Restoration Hardware.

Right now, I have a purple obi laying across the top, which picks up the light purple of the knobs. I'll try to get a picture of that when the camera returns home.

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